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Project Description
A WiX Burn theme inspired by the classic WiX wizard user interface. Full support for creating multi-language bootstrappers.

Localized bootstrapper sample
Source code for a localized bootstrapper can be found here: documentation.


Design goals
Remove unnecessary user interface items and interactions, and have a look-and-feel of a typical Windows Installer package user interface. The wizard functionality has been removed in order to simplify the user interactions.

Why Burn?
Burn is a fantastic bootstrapper.

How-to-use guides
Guide 1: Use Classic WiX Burn Theme in an English only installer
Guide 2: Use Classic WiX Burn Theme in an installer localized in English, Danish, French, Spanish and Russian

Help wanted
In order to make this to a general usable library, I would like to have support for as many languages as possible. The localizing job takes about 10 to 20 minutes. Please contact me if you want to be part of this project.

Language Status Folder * *
English Done 1033
Danish Done 1030
French Done 1036
Spanish Done 3082
Russian Done 1049
German Done 1031
Swedish help needed 1053
Portuguese help needed 1046
Hebrew help needed 1037
Japanese help needed 1041
Dutch help needed 1043
Finnish help needed 1035
Greek help needed 1032
Italian help needed 1040
? help needed -
? help needed -
? help needed -
? help needed -
? help needed -
? help needed -
? help needed -
? help needed -

This project uses Classic WiX Burn Theme
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The WiX 3 documentation
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